A book that gives you power over your finances

How many of us often feel trapped by our own financial situations?

Overwhelming debt, worrying about credit scores, unexpected fees from big banks. The number of concerns created by personal finances can be overwhelming and often our financial situations control our lives. How would it feel to take back control?

Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach you to be Rich is like that little logical voice in your head telling you to stop rationalizing financial mistakes that you have the power to change. The book makes it easy to tell the lazy rationalizations to take a hike and begin your path to regaining control of your personal finances.

I first started following Ramit’s blog January 2013 and I have been hooked on his advice ever since to my own benefit. Within a month of reading his free material online I had higher levels of confidence in negotiation, job hunting, financial awareness, and personal branding. This post is by no means to promote a great book although it does naturally but instead it is meant to motivate you to read something that can improve your future without overwhelming you. You will feel empowered by realizing that you do have the power to improve your financial situation no matter your current financial state.

I also recommend Ramit’s free material and YouTube videos which can be easily found online.


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