Top 5 Online Resources for Personal Growth and Development

Generally Speaking, as an entrepreneur time is a valuable commodity that one simply cannot afford to waste. One of the key aspects of living an entrepreneurial lifestyle is constantly trying to find helpful resources for personal growth and development. Below I have compiled a list of online resources that have inspired me a great deal to research, develop, and expand my own professional life. I genuinely would like to see anyone gain as much possible benefit from these 5 resources as I have.

1.) IWTYTBR (I Will Teach you to Be Rich) Personal Finance Blog

Since finding out about Ramit Sethi and his highly beneficial personal finance growth strategies as well as his other areas of expertise I now find it strangely exciting to read about financial development strategies. Ramit has the unique ability to make seemingly boring topics come to life by understanding his audience and somehow has managed to inspire me to enjoy personal finance development. Dive into his world and see what it does to you, for me personally his material has jump started my drive for personal success like a defibrillator

2.) Fidelity Investments

From the millenials I have spoken with about how they feel about the stock market, the general consensus is that many haven’t the slightest clue on how to invest or what kind of affordable investment channels and resources are available to them. Fidelity Investments is a straightforward, user friendly way into the stock market for younger people. Easy to set up an account. Easy to start investing. Not intimidating once you get started. Although I do not advise investing unless you have what you already need for up to six months of regular expenses set aside in a savings account.

3.) Twitter

Yes Twitter did make this list. The super fast paced social media outlet allows you to customize and quickly connect with current news, celebrities, and everything else. Staying up to date on current events has never been so convenient. I also find the twitter update atmosphere slightly more positive than that of Facebook (depending on your friends) but I see more proactive information streaming down my twitter feed although LinkedIn is unmatched in this regard. Twitter is my top pick for customizing online profiles you want to follow and staying engaged via information overload.

4.) 60-Day MBA

Student loan debt is simply crushing our society and there has always been a way around it for those with that entrepreneurial spirit. Working for yourself can be an intimidating undertaking but with the right tools and step by step development you can make more money by becoming your own boss than at a 9 to 5 and the best part is you get to choose what you do to earn a living. 60-Day MBA is a sixty day course that lets your work one-on-one with successful professionals out of silicon valley. The course provides you with the answers you need to work for yourself and leave your financial worries behind. Becoming an entrepreneur, living the American dream, and gaining valuable hands on experience is the new college degree.

5.) Your very own online, profiles and websites!

What can possibly be more important for an online personal growth and development resource list than your own digital footprint?! Nothing! The image you present to other people on the internet can be a valuable asset and create long term professional connections. Sometimes reading a person’s LinkedIn profile can encourage you to reach out to that person on a professional level. The way you express and present yourself online is the ultimate way to let the world see through a window of what you want them to see of who you are. The easiest way to meet people you would NEVER meet otherwise. We live in a generation where every opportunity imaginable is only a mouse click away.


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