Top 5 People to Follow on Twitter July 2014

With the opportunity to make endless professional connections and learn from successful individuals by reading the information they provide we give ourselves the opportunity to retain valuable insights.  These are my Top 5 people to follow on Twitter for June 2014. Some of these profiles are well known, and some of these profiles fly under the radar. Follow them on Twitter to give your Twitter feed a free boost of successful insight…

1) Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) Author of three New York Times Bestsellers.

2) Derek Halpern (@derekhalpern) Founder of Social Triggers.

3) Elin Wolley (@Wolleydig) Writer and Web Master.

4) E.J. Scott (@ejscott) Completed 12 marathons in 12 states blindfolded.

5) Olivia Millerschin (@OMillerschin) Lead Singer of Livy, Matt, & Sammy, currently on America’s Got Talent.




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