Clarkston Coffee Club #Selfie


Selfie (noun): A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

The power of the #selfie is not to be underestimated under any circumstances. Business professionals everywhere can take a hint from recent events such as the Ellen Degeneres selfie tweeted during  the Oscars which totaled 32.8 million views around the world.

So how is this relevant on a local networking scale?

This week I noticed a few benefits of taking a basic selfie at our Clarkston Michigan Coffee Club weekly networking event. Immediately after posting this “basic selfie” to the Coffee Club Facebook Page there was an immediate increase in awareness of the event from people that do not normally attend. Also people that did attend mentioned the selfie later and it gave them additional curiosity about unexplored marketing avenues on social media. Additional likes, comments, and even someone regretting having missed Coffee Club that day based on seeing the selfie pic.

So in summary, a selfie may not seem like much in terms of marketing at first glance, but there is a good reason celebrities have been using selfies for shameless self promotion at live events since the pioneering of the first selfies on social media outlets.


Risk vs. Safety: Why playing it safe takes the value out of time

Every day we all make choices and sometimes these choices involve taking a risk or playing it safe. This can be applied to nearly any situation so I want this philosophical jargon I am about to rant about to be applied to choosing a career. When we are children we often declare the profession we dream of pursuing “when we grow up.” As we get older this thought fades away and some of us settle for a “realistic” way of life. This reality check shapes nearly every aspect of our adulthood and often forces any dreams to be locked away in the back of our mind. A person that dreams of becoming an actor may get a business degree instead and send out 1,000 resumes only to end up with no response and a true calling that had been ignored completely. If the person does get the job they spend their days unfulfilled thinking about a future that may have been if they had just been willing to take a risk.

“A ship is always safe at shore – but that is not what it is built for.” -Albert Einstein

When is a risk worth the risk? When does playing it safe cause a mundane existence? Can there be a balance?

Far too many people play it safe in this life instead of pursuing a dream and risking a loss. The irony of those that work to survive is that they are just buying meaningless time to exist longer on this earth with no true personal fulfillment. There are those who would argue some do not have a choice and the cards they were dealt prevent them from making a dream into a reality. A valid argument, but also a glorified excuse in my opinion. There is ALWAYS a choice. The choice to take a calculated risk with a high chance of loss may not be available today or even tomorrow. However, taking a risk over playing it safe is a choice that every person does encounter in their lifetime. Personality can play a role in the outcome of this choice for each individual but at the end of the day it creates two types of people. Those who choose to exist but wish they could live and those who chose to live regardless of the consequences. Yes, every risk does have consequences and some can have a lasting impact on our lives good or bad.

Where is this all leading?

Without taking any risks, just choosing to exist, never acting on any desires or impulses, and never acting on an idea is the ultimate risk. The risk of never feeling alive.

We can all “buy” time and draw out our inevitable end experiencing life in the most mundane way, but instead why not focus on the value of the time we have rather than the duration of our time. Therefore a risk isn’t a risk at all but rather a fulfillment of our existence.

I am interested in reading any comments or thoughts on “Risk vs. Safety” below.

A book that gives you power over your finances

How many of us often feel trapped by our own financial situations?

Overwhelming debt, worrying about credit scores, unexpected fees from big banks. The number of concerns created by personal finances can be overwhelming and often our financial situations control our lives. How would it feel to take back control?

Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach you to be Rich is like that little logical voice in your head telling you to stop rationalizing financial mistakes that you have the power to change. The book makes it easy to tell the lazy rationalizations to take a hike and begin your path to regaining control of your personal finances.

I first started following Ramit’s blog January 2013 and I have been hooked on his advice ever since to my own benefit. Within a month of reading his free material online I had higher levels of confidence in negotiation, job hunting, financial awareness, and personal branding. This post is by no means to promote a great book although it does naturally but instead it is meant to motivate you to read something that can improve your future without overwhelming you. You will feel empowered by realizing that you do have the power to improve your financial situation no matter your current financial state.

I also recommend Ramit’s free material and YouTube videos which can be easily found online.

The benefits of free Coffee Club Networking in Clarkston Michigan

How do you currently spend your Thursday morning?

From 7:30 am to 9:00 am every Thursday morning at Clarkston’s United Methodist Church you may be missing a free networking opportunity. Small business owners, job seekers, employers, entrepreneurs can benefit by expanding their local network at Coffee Club.

Sometimes people like to know what they are getting into before they show up at a networking event so allow me to go over the basics.

Clarkston’s Coffee Club consists of free networking, coffee, donuts (sometimes cookies) and an optional dollar donation to the church each week for allowing us to use the space. From 7:30 am to 8:00 am people can exchange business cards, make introductions, and leave a pile of their business cards on a table where the cards are displayed each week indefinitely (we never discard business cards on the table, even if you only show up one time). At 8:00 am each attendee is given one minute to share in front of the group with their website displayed on the projector. Once everyone has been given the chance to speak generally an additional 20 minutes of networking will then ensue.

Attending a free networking event not only benefits you and everyone else in attendance but it also creates the opportunity for individuals to expand coffee club by inviting everyone within their network to coffee club which expands the overall network for everyone at Coffee Club. The opportunity then becomes limitless and creates a weekly networking event that becomes as valuable as the amount of effort the current attendees are willing to put forth to expand the network. Plus the the additional business they already generate from existing attendees.

Coffee Club is a win win and if you believe your business could benefit from free networking with highly motivated individuals then join us next Thursday at 7:30 am.

Coffee Club address: 6600 Waldon Rd, Clarkston, MI 48346

86th Annual Academy Awards Best Picture Predictions

Tonight the 86th annual Academy Awards will air on ABC at 7 PM EST with the ceremony at 8:30 PM. I have only seen 4 of the nominated films and they were all outstanding. What is your prediction for the film that will take home the award for Best Picture?

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