Don’t Misuse your Motivation in a World of Endless Opportunity

In my opinion there has truly never been a better time to exist on this planet than present day. The opportunities created with our current technology and the ability for anyone with a phone, tablet, or computer to learn any specialized skill with a single click or finger push.   

The problem of the current generation has never been lack of opportunity, the problem has only ever been wasted energy. With more opportunities than ever before we also now face more ways to misuse our motivation and misguide our own potential.

As individuals I believe there is a level of intuition present in each of us that tells us if we have talent in a particular field. For instance, if you have a propensity for public speaking you already know you would have an advantage as a politician. If you are very visually inclined your talents could be used effectively behind a camera lens or directing a film. Why is it that so many of us either ignore or fail to listen to that natural intuition? To me its not about “do what you love.” Its more about do what you’re good at, learn everything about what you are good at, and you WILL love what you are good at because you’re good at it. The key thing to remember is you are likely good at multiple things. Not just one thing.

A complete misuse of motivation strikes me as someone deliberately trying to work towards a career that does not appeal to them, and that they are intimidated by during the learning process. If you are intimidated by what you are learning, that is your intuition telling you that it isn’t right. If you enjoy learning about something, keep at it. 

A failure to listen to your intuition also creates a willingness to take shortcuts. A shortcut can be a person giving up while they are working in a field that does not fit with their natural propensity and trying to make quick money with no thought process or strategy. This commonly leads to failure. Say a person wasn’t making enough money so they set up an account on a website like and they had no selling ability whatsoever. They saw an easy way to make money but failed to think through that there was no value in it for them because they do not possess the ability to sell “sand in a desert.” Then they have wasted valuable time on something irrelevant to them and are left demotivated.

Instead of wasting time pushing a boulder uphill, make a list of ten tings that come naturally to you and then come up with a list of ten ways to make money for each item on the list. Then narrow down to ten, then down three. Now pick your favorite. There you go, now start up a side business, read everything you can, learn everything you can and watch your level of contentment grow as you earn money.

Don’t waste your time. Figure out what you are good at now and make a living with your existing talents.


Clarkston Coffee Club #Selfie


Selfie (noun): A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

The power of the #selfie is not to be underestimated under any circumstances. Business professionals everywhere can take a hint from recent events such as the Ellen Degeneres selfie tweeted during  the Oscars which totaled 32.8 million views around the world.

So how is this relevant on a local networking scale?

This week I noticed a few benefits of taking a basic selfie at our Clarkston Michigan Coffee Club weekly networking event. Immediately after posting this “basic selfie” to the Coffee Club Facebook Page there was an immediate increase in awareness of the event from people that do not normally attend. Also people that did attend mentioned the selfie later and it gave them additional curiosity about unexplored marketing avenues on social media. Additional likes, comments, and even someone regretting having missed Coffee Club that day based on seeing the selfie pic.

So in summary, a selfie may not seem like much in terms of marketing at first glance, but there is a good reason celebrities have been using selfies for shameless self promotion at live events since the pioneering of the first selfies on social media outlets.

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The mission of the show is to promote local individuals and provide information to the community in a fun and creative way.

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